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  • 8 May 2019 4:14 PM | Dan Plummer (Administrator)

    The Juried Show "Imagine" is now OPEN for entries though the website CallForEntries.org. Sign up through them and get your entries in!

    The Deadline for entries will be July 16th, 2019.

    Go to this link for more information

  • 12 Jan 2019 9:39 PM | Anonymous
    Galley by the Lake will host two juried shows in 2019.  “Artists Choice” will be specifically for painting genres.  The show will open on CaFe website in March and presented locally in the summer.
  • 12 Jan 2019 9:38 PM | Anonymous
    By popular demand the gallery will again sponsor “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” bird photography competition and show in October.
  • 5 Aug 2018 6:36 AM | Anonymous

    October 14: Reception and Awards Presentation will be held from 2-4pm. This show coordinates with the Yellow Rails and Rice Festival in Jennings, and the exhibit will run through 12/31/18. Sixty five photos from adult and student photographers are expected to be on display.

    Dates: October 14, 2018

    Times: 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

    Phone: (337) 436-1008

    Venue:  Gallery by the Lake

    Location: Gallery by the Lake

    General Information

    This photography contest has been developed for the purposes of promoting bird/nature photography of the Gulf Coast Birds which frequent the Louisiana and Texas coastal areas. These areas are ripe with hundreds of species of wild birds which we enjoy on a daily basis.

    The contest is sponsored by Associated Louisiana Artist, Inc.; Gallery by the Lake and the Gulf Coast Bird Club, Lake Charles, Louisiana.

    This will be judged by the editorial staff at Bird Watcher’s Digest.  It is a magazine for birders who read and readers who bird, based in Marietta, Ohio.  Visit them at www.birdwatchersdigest.com.

    June 1 -  Competition Opens
    September 3 - Deadline for entries
    September 25 - Notification of acceptance
    October 8- Deadline for receipt of accepted works
    October 14 – Reception and Awards Presentations 2:00 – 4:00PM
    December 31 - Exhibition concludes

    Who May Enter
    The contest is open to all legal residents of the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and Canada (excluding Quebec) who are amateur photographers and Youth 13 to 17 years of age  January 1, 2018. An amateur is one who has not made $3,000 or more in 2017 or 2018 from photography or photography product sales.

    Division Categories
    Eligible individuals (the “Entrant” or “You”) may submit multiple photographs that depict birdlife in any form to the following three divisions (each a “Division” or collectively the “Divisions”). One entry fee of $35 allows the entrant to submit a total of three photographs to one or any combination of the categories. 

    1. Birds in Action: This would include birds in flight, bird behavior, bird interaction and other similar subject matter. Photos should depict movement, or imply action in some manner.
    2. An Educational Moment: This would include photographs from which the observer learns something about the subject bird(s) and bird life. The competitor must include the learning objective in the submission application for this category.
    3. Fine Art 
    4. Youth: This would include photographs of birds in general. Entrants must be 13 to 17 years of age as of January 1, 2018.

    Eligible Photographs
    To be eligible to win a prize, all submitted photographs must depict birdlife (i.e., contain at least one bird) and accurately reflect the subject matter as it appeared in the viewfinder (a “Photograph”). To be eligible, all entries must depict a bird or birds which frequent the Gulf Coastal areas of Louisiana and/or Texas. Entries taken in other states or Canada are acceptable if their subject bird(s) would also frequent Louisiana at some time of the year.

    Photographs that have been digitally or otherwise altered beyond standard optimization (e.g., removal of dust, cropping, adjustments to color and contrast) will be disqualified. Normal processing of RAW image files or minor adjustments to color and contrast are acceptable. You may be required to provide RAW image files in the timeframe provided upon request (generally within 7 days). Failure to timely provide RAW files may result in the disqualification of the Photograph in Audubon’s sole discretion. The decision by the Judges or Sponsors to disqualify any submission is final.

    Photographer/artist may submit up to 3 entries across all categories or enter each category separately. Entries are to be submitted using client.smarterentry.com website, beginning June 1, 2018.
    A non-refundable entry fee of  $35 is charged each entrant for up to  three entries. Credit card payments are accepted using the client.smarterentry.com website.
    Accepted Finalist works must framed and back wired.  Entries may be hand delivered to Gallery by the Lake Tuesday through Friday between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. and must be picked up at the end of exhibition. Mailed entries should be suitable to the rigors of packaged shipping.  Image size should not exceed 18” x 24” or equivalent with matted and framed work not larger than 24” x 28”. 
    The exhibition period is October 14 – December 31. Awards will be announced at the opening reception  October 14 which will be held 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.. Accepted artwork is required to remain at the ALA Gallery by the Lake for the duration of the exhibition.
    Photographs may be sold at the gallery during the exhibition. A 20% gallery commission will be assessed on the sale of photographs. The exhibition committee reserves the right to reproduce accepted entries for future press releases, website and Facebook promotion of this event.
    Judging will be conducted by Bird Guide Magazine. Judges will score eligible photographs using the following criteria: a) Technical Quality (30 percent); b) Originality (30 percent); and c) Artistic Merit (40 percent).
     Prizes will be awarded as follows: a) One Grand Prize to the highest scoring Photograph across all Divisions; b) One First and Second Place  Categorical Prize to the highest scoring Photographs from the “Birds in Action” Division; c) One First and Second Place  Categorical Prize to the highest scoring Photographs from the “An Educational Moment” Division; and d) One First and Second Place  Categorical Prize to the highest scoring Photographs from the “Fine Art” Division; and e) One Youth Prize for the highest scoring Photograph from the Youth Division.
    No Entrant may win more than one prize.  In the event of a tie for the Grand Prize or in any single Division, the Judges will use the Artistic Merit score of each tied Photograph to rank the Photographs. The Photograph with the highest Artistic Merit score will be the winner for that Division. If there continues to be a tie after the Artistic Merit scores are compared, the Judges will compare and rank the Technical Quality scores, and then the Originality scores, in that order. If the scores of the Photographs are still tied, the Sponsors will assemble a separate panel of judges who will review the tied Photographs using the above criteria. The decisions of the Judges and the Sponsors will be final.  Winners will be contacted and confirmed by email on or about September 10, 2018.

    There are eight (8) prizes available to be won: one Grand Prize and one first and second prize in each of the three Divisions plus one prize in the Youth Division. Prizes will be awarded only to the person whose name is on the winning entry at the time of Submission. 

    1. Best in Show: $300.00 USD
    2. Birds in Action:  $200.00 first place, $100.00 second place USD
    3. An Educational Moment:  $200.00 first place, $100.00 second place USD
    4. Fine Art:  $200.00 first place, $100.00 second place USD
    5. Youth: $100.00 USD

    All Prizes each referred to as a “Prize” or collectively as “Prizes”
    The total ARV of all Prizes available to be won: $1,300.00 USD.
    Winners will be required to sign an Affidavit of Eligibility and Release of Liability and Publicity (together, the “Releases”), where permitted, and return the Releases, properly executed, to the sponsors within seven days of being notified. Releases will require the winner to furnish his/her Social Security Number for the sole purpose of tax reporting, as required by law. If a winner is otherwise eligible under these Official Rules, but is nevertheless deemed a minor in his or her state of primary residence, his/her prize will be awarded in the name of his/her parent or legal guardian who must execute the Releases on the minor winner’s behalf. Sponsors may disqualify any winner who fails to respond to the prize notification or fails to return the Releases within the seven-day period and, at Sponsors’ sole discretion, select an alternate winner. If any Prize or Prize notification is returned as undeliverable, a winner declines his or her Prize, or a winner fails to comply with any of these Official Rules, that winner will be disqualified and an alternate winner may be selected by the Judges using the scoring procedure outlined above. Winners are responsible for the payment of any taxes on Prizes.

    Prizes will be awarded within 45 days of each winner being confirmed.

    October 14 – December 31
    Awards will be announced at the opening reception.
    Accepted artwork is required to remain at ALA Gallery by the Lake for the duration of the exhibition.
    Please ship to:
    Hit Me With Your Best Shot!
    ALA Gallery by the Lake
    106 W. Pryce St.
    Lake Charles, LA 70601
    Hand deliveries accepted September 24 – 28, noon to 5 p.m.
    Works must be received by October 1

    • All accepted works must include prepaid return shipping label.
    • Late or damaged shipments will be returned collect.
    • Works must be shipped in reusable packing cartons.
    • No packing popcorn

    Hand deliveries accepted Noon to 5 p.m.

    • Works must be received by October 1
    • All accepted works must include prepaid return shipping label.
    • Late or damaged shipments will be returned collect.
    • Works must be shipped in reusable packing cartons.
    • No packing popcorn
    • Hand deliveries accepted Noon to 5 p.m.

    Return of artwork begins January 2, 2019
    Hand delivery pickup … January 2 - January 12, 2019. Gallery hours are Noon to 5 p.m. but arrangements may be made by appointment.
    Associated Louisiana Artists, Inc.
    Competition Coordinator: Pat Craft
    Phone: 337-436-1008 (o) 337-515-4879 (c)
    Email: alaartists@yahoo.com
    Mailing address: 
    106 W. Pryce St.
    Lake Charles, LA 70605
    Associated Louisiana Artists Inc. carries no insurance for loss or damage to artwork in the gallery or in transit nor assume any liability for same.  Every precaution will be taken for the safety of the exhibited work.  Artist can and should provide their own insurance coverage. Associated Louisiana, Inc. and Gallery by the Lake are not responsible for fees and/or damage from any cause. A submission of entry/ies into the show and exhibit constitutes a binding agreement by artists to all conditions stated. The entrant understands and agrees that any unclaimed artwork/item left after the exhibit take-out date will be removed from the exhibit site and will be donated /disposed of by the ALA, Inc.  after 30 days from last pickup date.

    AUDUBON’S Bird Photography Ethics
    The first essential element in bird photography is a sincere respect for the birds and their environment. In any conflict of interest, the well-being of the birds and their habitats must come before the ambitions of the photographer. Here are some basic guidelines. Avoid causing unnecessary disturbance or stress to birds. 

    • Use a telephoto lens or a blind for close-up shots. If your approach causes a bird to flush (fly or run away) or change its behavior, you’re too close.
    • Some birds may “freeze” in place rather than flying away, or may hunch into a protective, aggressive, or pre-flight stance. Watch for changes in posture indicating that the birds are stressed, and if you see these, back away.
    • Never advance on a bird with the intention of making it fly.
    • Use flash sparingly (if at all), as a supplement to natural light. Avoid the use of flash on nocturnal birds at night, as it may temporarily limit their ability to hunt for food.
    • Before sharing locations of specific birds with other photographers or birders, think carefully about potential impacts to the birds or their habitats.
    • Concern for birds’ habitat is also essential. Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid trampling sensitive vegetation or disturbing other wildlife.
    • Nesting birds are particularly vulnerable, and need special consideration
    • Keep a respectful distance from the nest. If you’re using a macro lens or including the nest as a focal point in an image with a wide-angle lens, even if you’re operating the camera remotely, you’re probably too close. Telephoto lenses of at least 500mm are recommended.
    • Avoid flushing the adults or scaring the young, or doing anything to draw the attention of predators to the nest. For example, repeatedly walking to a nest can leave both a foot trail and scent trail for predators.
    • Do not move or remove anything around the nest, as it may be providing both essential camouflage and protection from the elements.
    • Never use drones to photograph nests, as they can cause injury and stress to the nestlings and parents. 
    • Luring birds closer for photography is often possible but should be done in a responsible way.
    • Bird feeding stations, whether or not they’re used for photography, should be kept clean, stocked only with appropriate food items, and positioned with the birds’ safety in mind.
    • Never lure hawks or owls with live bait, or with decoys such as artificial or dead mice. Baiting can change the behavior of these predatory birds in ways that are harmful for them.
    • Playback of bird voices to lure them close for photography should be used sparingly, and not at all in the case of endangered birds, or birds at critical points in their nesting cycle.
    • Show respect for private and public property, and consideration for other people.
    • Enter private land only with permission. On public property such as parks and refuges, be aware of local regulations, hours, and closed areas.
    • In group situations, be considerate of other photographers and birders who may be watching the same bird. Remember that your desire to photograph the bird doesn’t outweigh the rights of others to observe it. Remember also that large groups of people are potentially more disturbing to birds, so it may be necessary to keep a greater distance.
  • 20 Jul 2018 11:18 PM | Anonymous

    Gallery by the lake held an award ceremony called “Through My Eyes”. The show features work around the country. The spoke person for the event said that they want this event to become an annual tradition. Gallery will be hosting the exhibition until September 22nd. Admission is $8 for Adult & free for kids.

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