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Welcome to the page where you can see all the winners of the "Imagine" artwork event!

      These are the winners of the "Oil, Acrylic, & Pastel" category:

 Vera Taylor, with "BB King"
 2nd  Patsy Zwahlen, with "Clouds on the Horizon"
 3rd  Amy Deland, with "Gliding through the Flow"

          These are the winners of the "Mixed Media" category:

 1st  Ellen Anthony, with "Athena"
 2nd  Arthur McViccar, with "Moonstone Ridge"
 3rd  Teresa Rodriguez, with "Arc of the Universe"

 Honorable Mention

 Polina Isurin, with "Collective Remembering"

          These are the winners of the "Watercolor" category:

 Sue Harris, with "A Season's Tide"
 2nd  Sue Zimmerman, with "Natural Aviary"
 3rd  Anjo Elsbury, with "Puppy Love"
Honorable Mention       
 Toni Elkins, with "Pick Up Sticks #1"
 Honorable Mention
 Herb Willey, with "3 Herons Under Pier"

          These are the winners of the "Drawing" category:

 Ashleigh Garret, with "Wishes"                   
 2nd Molly Reed, with " Cajun House"

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