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Get Ready for Pottery Show - 1st Dec 2018 (10:30 AM - 12:00 PM)

What is Gallery By The Lake?

​Gallery by the Lake houses an eclectic collection of fine art paintings, prints, pottery, sculpture, and fine art photography. We have the largest selection of original creations by award winning local artists in Southwest LA and Southeast TX.
Promoting art education Gallery by the Lake offers affordable art classes and workshops at our Creative Arts Center. We also encourage personal growth for our artists by providing studio space within a supportive, collaborative environment. Gallery By the lake is totally membership managed with an all volunteer staff.​

Latest Event

   We have a Winner of

      “Hit Me With Your Best Shot ” 


             Jackie Lanier

9 Feb 2019, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Upcoming events

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 Loosen Your Painting Style

Artist and Instructor:  David M. Kessler

 Plein Aire on the Bayou in Oils

Artist and Instructor:  Rich Gallego


3 Days Workshop  - September 20, 21, 22, 2019

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3 Days Workshop  - April 4, 5, 6, 2019


  • Featured Gallery Artist: Sheila Babineaux  with a collection of equine art in pastels  
  • ($35 for Non Members / $30 for Members)
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  • Gallery Member Show: “Flying High” featuring a variety of artworks of birdlife in Louisiana as a compliment to our upcoming photography competition
  • $35 for Non Members / $30 for Members
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"The Artist sees what others can catch a glimpse of."  ~ Leonardo Da Vinci

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Upcoming events

    • 6 Feb 2019
    • 5:30 PM

    Agenda will update soon

    • 7 Feb 2019
    • 13 Mar 2019
    • 6 sessions

    This is a class for beginning and experienced artists.

    Do you have a desire to portray your garden or favorite flower in watercolor? If you have been daunted, previously, in painting even a single bloom, then give me the opportunity to demonstrate the techniques for both novice and advanced painters to apply watercolor to paper to fulfill this desire. The method that I teach is adaptable to painting with both precise detail as well as a more “fluid” interpretation of the subject. My painting technique has been developed over many years at Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburg, PA, and also teaching botanical art to international painters.

    • 9 Feb 2019
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • 106 W. Pryce Street, Lake Charles, LA

    Basic Portrait Drawing


    Join artist Barbara Crum, from RealArt of DeRidder Gallery, for this portrait drawing class. The benefit of this drawing class is for those who have never drawn a portrait or those who can’t seem to get them to look like they want. We will cover the basic shapes of the head and face and then the eyes, nose, mouth, ears and chin. By the end of the class you should have a better understanding of the human head and its proportions.

    Barbara is a hands-on teacher, going through each step thoroughly. 

    Contact artist if you have questions:  barbc2000@earthlink.net

    *Bring your own lunch. 

    Instructor – Barb Crum

    Barb is an excellent SW Louisiana artist who is adept in several mediums including: Drawing, Oils, Acrylic, and Watercolors. She resides nearby in DeRidder.

    Supply List

    • Pencils - HB and 6B
    • Gum eraser
    • Kneaded eraser
    • Sketching pad
    • Mobile phone or tablet


    • 6 Mar 2019
    • 5:30 PM

    Agenda will update soon

    • 9 Mar 2019
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

    Easy Steps to Better Photos!


    Do you want to take better family photos? Would you like to make more intriguing travel images?   Now is your chance!   In this class you will learn basic, but simple, techniques that will help you become a better photographer.  Entering the confusing world of exposure, f-stops and shutter speeds you’ll better understand these concepts and learn how they can help you improve your photos.

    If you have further questions, please contact Barbara LaFleur at blafleur1003@gmail.com.

    The digital photography revolution served to rekindle Brenda’s longstanding interest in travel and family photography.   More than a decade ago she began a journey to become more than a just recreational photographer.  That journey has included numerous on-line classes and location seminars with nationally known photographers.  She enjoys nature, landscape and macro photography.   Living in Southwest Louisiana provides countless opportunities to pursue those areas of interests.  She particularly enjoys sharing the magic and charm of The Gulf Coast with those who view her work.     In addition to teaching digital photography in the Lake Charles area, she has also taught photo editing techniques using Photoshop and Lightroom software.


    Bring your camera, loaded with a full battery and empty data card.  

    Handouts will be provided but pen and paper might be helpful.  


    • 4 Apr 2019
    • 6 Apr 2019
    • 3 sessions
    • 106 W. Pryce Street, Lake Charles, LA

    Artist and Instructor:  Rich Gallego

    Because of his love of nature’s wild places, Rich’s travels have taken him far afield from Arizona’s Canyon de Chelly to the beaches of Hawaii. He’s painted plein aire from the rivers, gorges, and adobes of New Mexico to the glaciers of Alaska. Besides teaching weekly plein aire workshops in southern California, he is a national recognized painter. The Gallery by the Lake is proud to bring this distinctive artist opportunity with Rich Gallego.

    Website: richgallego.com
    Email: proudhawkart@yahoo.com


    • 10 Apr 2019
    • 5:30 PM

    Agenda will update soon

    • 1 May 2019
    • 5:30 PM

    Agenda will update soon

    • 11 May 2019
    • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Gallery by the Lake, 106 Pryce Street, Lake Charles, LA

    Artist & Instructor:  Barbara Haviland

    1-day Workshop

    WHEN: May 11, 2019.….10am – 3pm

    WHERE: Gallery by the Lake, 106 Pryce Street, Lake Charles, LA

    FEE: $30 for Members / $35 for Non-Members

    REGISTER online


    oil paints of your choice

    brushes,12x9 canvas,gamsol,and paper towels,palette to mix paints, and a good attitude.  We will do a small cypress tree with moss.

    • 5 Jun 2019
    • 5:30 PM

    Agenda will update soon

    • 20 Sep 2019
    • 22 Sep 2019
    • 3 sessions
    • 106 W. Pryce Street, Lake Charles, LA
    Artist and Instructor:  David M. Kessler

    David’s statement:  “Have you ever wondered how to loosen up your painting style? Paint fresher paintings? Be more spontaneous? Be more expressive? Paint intuitively from your hear? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then David’s Bigger, Faster, Fresher, Looser Abstract Painting Workshop is for YOU! This workshop is not media specific – just bring the media you typically use and join the fun.


Our Sponsors:

We thank Willie Mount for her generous donation & also to support local art.

Supported by a grant from the Louisiana Division of the Arts, Office of Cultural Development , Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism in cooperation with the Louisiana State Arts Council as administered by the Arts Council of SWLA.





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